Best Celebrity Cannabis Tattoos

Which celebs have the most enviable cannabis tattoos?  Here are our top 3 favorites, and if you're not ready for permanent ink you can start with our cannabis temporary tattoo collection.  

Miley Cyrus: We like Miley's subtle and simple choice of a marijuana leaf on the back of her left ankle, which she showed off on Instagram (right) in December 2016. 

miley cyrus pot leaf marijuana cannabis tattoo


Rihanna: Our favorite bad girl got a pot leaf tattoo on vacation in 2012 with her best friend at the time, Melissa Forde. 

rihanna pot leaf marijuana cannabis tattoo


Johnny Manziel: Former Cleveland Brown's quarterback Johnny Manziel got a "CDXX" (420) tattoo in 2016, featured right in a zoom in from social media. Unfortunately, this NFL party boy has gotten himself into a bit of trouble and is currently a free agent. 

johnny manziel weed tattoo pot leaf CDXX