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Christina Bellman: Cannabis Entrepreneur Profile

Tell us about your company and how it got started. What do you do / what is your mission and why?

LEVO is a lifestyle brand whose core value is ingredient control. We believe in empowering consumers to control the ingredients they use for added wellness benefits (like avoiding solvents, preservatives, etc.) and also more creative options (like homegrown or rare herbs). Our core product is a first of a kind oil infuser that allows you to infuse any oil or butter with any herb, which can be used in everything from marinades to body scrubs! We believe in transparency, high quality products, creativity, and overall wellness. Why? Because we saw a void in the marketplace and a problem to be solved that we happen to thoroughly enjoy serving and solving!

Personally, I've always been passionate about natural foods and remedies, as avoiding chemicals and gaining control over the processed ingredients I ingest has helped me control severe migraines that I've had since I was a teenager. Our bodies are incredible, with the proper fuel! I continue to be fascinated with and inspired by those who have even more serious conditions and are able to heal naturally.

What made you want to get into the cannabis industry? What makes you excited about this space?

I've been excited about the to impact a huge population that is currently underserved and am fueled by a deep-seated belief that I can make it happen. Interactions with our customers is by far the most rewarding aspect of my role with LEVO! I also love that the industry is uniquely merit-based. Everything is so new that there’s not too much bureaucracy to navigate or embedded culture to have to work around. My experience has shown me that most folks in the industry are incredible welcoming, helpful, and hard working.

Education among consumers and the business community is very important to the cannabis movement. What are your favorite educational resources (sites, blogs, podcasts, books) you would recommend to our audience?

I learn the most from other business owners around me, in conversation, but I do love business updates from New Frontier. I also recommend HEMPSLEY who does a great job creating accessible information on the benefits of cannabis and different methods of responsible consumption. VAN DER POP also is a source of endless information on women's sexual health and wellness. They do a series of in person events called SESSION nation, wide which help women discuss cannabis openly and learn about the benefits. There are tons of other great resources, too! The list goes on!

What people or brands in the cannabis space do you admire / inspire you right now?

I'm deeply inspired by the people behind Baker, Van Der Pop, Stashbox, Greenlane, MJ Arsenal, and more for creating unique and original products, services, or platforms. All driven by entrepreneurs who care about what they're doing and know how to rub sticks together to make fire! There are many incredibly savvy (yet compassionate) people in the space, who I've had the pleasure of working with.

More About Levo:

LEVO is a first of a kind appliance that infuses fats with herbs, at the touch of a button. LEVO uses a simple steeping method and very specific controls to take the mystery out of home infusion. Just input your ingredients, set the time and temperature, and hit start! When the cycle ends (in just a few minutes or up to 10 hours later), the reservoir and parts are easily removed and tossed in your dishwasher. Our ventilation system also minimizes odors, a big plus for discrete users! It’s meant to be simple enough for anyone to use, no matter what age or experience level.