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Where In The World Is Cannabis Legal?

Looking for a cannabis friendly travel destination?

The word on the street is that Urugay is the best choice right now for a "cannacation" - but a few other countries have loosened their marijuana laws that you might not know about yet.

Before booking your tickets, here's what you should know (hint: that also includes where NOT to go!).

Cannacation Destinations

The only places you can go where cannabis is legal recreationally across the entire country for adult use are: Canada, Colombia, South Africa and Uruguay (featured right). India and Spain are also legal, but with some limitations.

So that was easy - a very short list :)

"Gray Area" Countries

  • There are a few more countries which allow for medical marijuana consumption. Here is a list by continent:

    • Americas: Mexico
    • Europe: Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Israel, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey
    • Asia: Phillipines, Thailand
    • Australia
  • Marijuana use is also decriminalized in many more countries - meaning it's illegal for regular consumers, but only punishable by fine (you won't end up in some weird international jail):
  • Americas: Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Jamaica
  • Europe: Belgium, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine
  • Asia: Cambodia, Russia

Destinations With The Harshest Marijuana Laws

  • Where should you AVOID if you are a patient or consumer? 

According to our sources, here are the countries with the harshest marijuana laws:

  • Japan: The Japanese public generally sees drug use as an admission of deep seated evil. You can get up to a 5 year prison sentence with hard labor for being caught with even a single joint (only 6 months if it's your first offense). Foreigners aren’t likely to be jailed, but will be deported from the country - with no hope of ever returning
  • Philippines: If you're caught smoking in the Phillipines, you can be sent to rehab for at least six months, and a second offense could land you in jail for between 6-12 years. Cultivation can lead to life imprisonment or even the death penalty. One man was jailed for 15 years after being caught with two “sticks” (assumedly meaning joints) of marijuana.
  • Malaysia: Possession of cannabis in Malaysia can result in 5 years of jail time and a $6,500 fine. Planting a cannabis seed can get you life in prison - plus at least six lashings. Lastly, getting caught dealing in large volumes can lead to the death sentence.
  • Indonesia (Note: this is where Bali is): Having a single joint in Indonesia can lead to a jail sentence of up to 4 years, and importing it can land you in prison for 5-15 years. A famous horror story is about an Australian named Schapelle Corby, who ended up with 20 years in jail for importing but could have been sentenced with death by firing squad
  • United Arab Emirates: Getting caught in Dubai with even a trace of cannabis can get you a four year sentence - and this can technically include getting caught with it in your blood or urine. One man was found at the airport with a cigarette stuck to the bottom of his shoe that had 0.003 grams of cannabis, and that was enough to put him in jail for 4 years - without even proving that it was his (he could have stepped on it).

So, before boarding your flight to Dubai, you *might* want to double check you didn't accidentally leave that vape pen in your makeup case...

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